3 Simple Steps Everyday, Your Life Will Change Better Forever!

Start everyday with at least 5 minutes of powerful energy, 5 minutes of positive energy first thing in the morning can change your entire day. If you change your entire day with consistent positive thoughts, you can change your entire LIFE. Here is the routine if you are consistent and disciplined, if you do it everyday, it will completely transform your life. 3 steps everyday will change your life forever simple as this:



Studies show working out is really good for you! Daily exercise reduces stress and anxiety. It creates a strong body which will help you maintain a strong mind. It starts you off with a positive and strong mindset which will lead to greater things throughout the day. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins which trigger a positive feeling in your body. A stronger physical body will help you create a stronger mind.

“Today is a new day. A fresh, clean canvas. You can paint whatever you want on that canvas, no matter what happens… You are the artist. Add some color, some joy, some life to your canvas. Leave nothing off that canvas!”



What are you grateful for right now in your life? If you ask any truly happy person, any really successful person “What they are grateful for?”, they will likely be able to reel off many things. Manythings that unhappy people take for granted. If you ask an unhappy, or unsuccessful person “What they have to be grateful for?”, they will usually struggle to find one.

– Are you grateful to be alive?

– Are you grateful to have family members who are alive?

– Are you grateful to have money to buy food?

Successful are grateful people and they START their day with appreciation because the more you can find to be grateful the more you have flow in your life that you can be grateful for. That is how the world works.

If you want to be really happy: GIVE THANKS. That’s the secret. Happy people are grateful people. So spend time in gratitude. Spend time in intention and expectation for what a great day today is going to be. Feed your mind with something positive. Read or listen to something uplifting. Something that will grow your mind or spirit.

Write down all the things you feel most grateful for every morning: people, health, friends, family, money, whatever it is… Don’t just write it down, FEEL the feelings of gratitude and if you really want to feel great, tell another person why you are grateful for them.

“Something amazing will happen today. Mirracles are possible today.”

3. MEDITATE every morning:


There’s no better way to reset yourself and reduce stress than meditation. Meditation allows you to access creativity beyond anything you’ve imagined. When your mind is quiet, that is when your best ideas will flow. That is when the best decisions come to you. The right moves. The right answers. There’s a reason why the majority of successful people meditate.

“5-10 minutes of time to refresh yourself and open up space for some miracles…

Breathe in that air and be grateful you can!

Give thanks.

Master your morning, drive your day, lift your entire life by starting each morning with meditation. No one else can vibrate for you.

This is the MOST important time of the day. That is going to help your frequency to rise.
You are responsible for you vibration. Everything you think and feel is going to be reflected back to you somewhere along the line. You are creating your future in every present moment that exists. Just like everything that you are today is a reflection of the thoughts, feelings and actions of the past.

BREAK DOWN the walls that make you feel lack or limitation and make new choices to visualize and feel your life as you intend it to be.

Close your eyes.

Create some alone time.

Get quiet.

Visualize and feel everything GREAT in your life.

Give thanks for all those things.

Appreciate where you are in life.”


This is a new day…
Whatever has happened in the past is gone! Tell yourself, TODAY I decide to live with purpose! TODAY I decide my future will be much brighter than my past. TODAY is the first day of the rest of my life!