When You’re Feeling Stuck In Life, Remember The Pregnant Deer Lesson

When you are feeling stuck in life, The Pregnant Deer Lesson will make you feel everything become easier.

There was one a pregnant deer.

And she know the time coming to give birth. She found a secluded spot near a strong flowing river, just the dark clouds gathered and a strong bolt of lightning fell on the forest and started a forest fire. She looked to her left and she found there was a hunter there ready to shoot her. She looked to her right and she was surprised to find a hungry lion waiting to pounce on her.feeling-stuck-in-life What to do in this situation?

There is a forest fire.

There is a swift flowing river.

There is a hunter.

There is a lion.

She had nowhere to go. In this situation where there is no way out. The deer decided to focus on one thing she can focus on: Giving Birth.

And as she gave her full attention just to the process of giving birth. The following things happened:

There was a sharp bold of lightning. The hunter go disoriented and as he released the arrow. It zipped passed the deer and actually hit the hungry lion. The lion ran away from there, and a strong shower of rain put the forest fire out. You see what got us entangled in the first place. It is responsibility of that very force of nature to take us out of it. So in this way, like the pregnant deer let us learn. To be in the moment, and to give our full attention to what’s in front of us. And the rest of our life will take care of itself. Things will naturally fall into place.