How to forgive who make you suffer? – according to Buddha

In order to forgive, you have to see the suffering and the unskillfulness of the other person. The other person may not want to hurt us or make us suffer. If we recognize that has come from the unskillfulness of that person, we will not be angry and we can forgive easily. We see the suffering in that person which is at the base of all kinds of act and words that make you suffer. When we see the suffering in them, we know that person is not capable of handling the suffering in them, they become a victim of the suffering and we are only second or third victim… We see that person is victim of their own suffering and then it’s easy to forgive. Without that kind of suffering understanding, forgiveness is very difficult, even you want to forgive, you cannot forgive because they make you suffer. But if you understand the deep suffering in them and see they have been the first victim of their own suffering, the situations become different, you can forgive more easily.
– Thich Nhat Hanh