JK Rowling surprised a 12 years old Indian girl with a special gift

J K Rowling, the loved author of Harry Potter series, is not just known for her books and the films they inspired but also for her kind nature. Two months ago in April, she left a 12-year-old girl from Jammu and Kashmir speechless by replying to her simple letter. As it happened, Kulsum, a student from Haji Public School wrote a heartwarming letter to the renowned author after getting inspired by her life and achievements. Like Rowling’s million fans, Kulsum also wished she could “meet her” one day.

Her teacher shared the letter on Twitter and tagged Rowling letting her know about these first generation English learners who were certainly not excepting a reply. But to everyone’s surprise the ‘Harry Potter’ creator not only replied but also asked for the little girl’s address to “send her something.”


While many forgot about this sweet incident on the virtual world, keeping her promise, Rowling shipped amazing gifts for not just Kulsum but also her classmates!
Yes, in a big box of goodies, the British author, sent personalised handwritten note, inscribed book and a few Harry Potter merchandise for the students of Kulsum’s school.

JK Rowling sends gifts to students of Kashmir school

Taking to Twitter, Director of Haji Public School, Sabbah Haji posted photos and videos of the excited students unboxing the items and the sheer joy and happiness on their faces have left others teary-eyed on the micro-blogging site.

“Today was our last day of class before Term 1 exams and look what arrived in the mail.
Today was our last day of class before Term 1 exams and look what arrived in the mail. GIFTS FROM JKR with personalized notes for Kulsum. All of class 7 (along with their director) lost their minds. ”

Their class teacher also wrote that in all the excitement their practice exam got canceled. “We were supposed to have our practice exam for Civics after school. No such luck. Everyone was way too excited.”
Rowling too reacted to the videos and said she was happy that the kids received it.
The beautiful gesture has left fans rooting for Rowling.

Source IndianExpress