Top 20 Motivational and Inspirational Angelina Jolie Quotes

Angelina Jolie Quotes. Angelina Jolie is an American actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian. If we were to describe Angelina Jolie in one word, it would surely be “compassionate”. The beautiful mother of 6 children (three of whom were adopted) is very involved in a number of humanitarian missions around the world.

Here are Angeline Jolie’s top 20 most inspiring quotes that will energize you to reach for your dreams while also being open to helping others in the process.

1. “If you don’t get out of the box you’ve been raised in, you won’t understand how much bigger the world is.” ― Angelina Jolie

2. “The truth is I love being alive. And I love feeling free. So if I can’t have those things then I feel like a caged animal and I’d rather not be in a cage. I’d rather be dead.” ― Angelina Jolie

3. “I’ve been reckless, but I’m not a rebel without a cause.” ― Angelina Jolie

4. “We come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.” ― Angelina Jolie

5. “Life comes with many challenges. The ones that should not scare us are the ones we can take on and take control of.” ― Angelina Jolie


6. “Without pain, there would be no suffering. Without suffering, we would never learn from our mistakes. To make it right, pain and suffering is the key to all windows, without it, there is no way of life.” ― Angelina Jolie

7. “If you ask people what they’ve always wanted to do, most people haven’t done it. That breaks my heart.” ― Angelina Jolie

8. “What nourishes me also destroys me” ― Angelina Jolie

9. “We have a choice about how we take what happens to us in our life and whether or not we allow it to turn us. We can become consumed by hate and darkness, or we’re able to regain our humanity somehow, or come to terms with things and learn something about ourselves.” ― Angelina Jolie

10. “People say that you’re going the wrong way when it’s simply a way of your own.” ― Angelina Jolie


11. “I used to think I was unstable because I had this thirst for something. I could never figure out what it was. I couldn’t sleep at night, and I always wanted to be somewhere else. I always saw myself, wherever I was in life, staring out the window.” ― Angelina Jolie

12. “If being sane is thinking there’s something wrong with being different….I’d rather be completely fucking mental.” ― Angelina Jolie

13. “If every choice you make comes from an honest place, you’re solid, and nothing anybody can say about you can rock you or change your opinion.” ― Angelina Jolie

14. “Love one person, take care of them until you die. You know, raise kids. Have a good life. Be a good friend. And try to be completely who you are. And figure out what you personally love. And go after it with everything you’ve got no matter how much it takes.” ― Angelina Jolie

15. “Anytime I feel lost, I pull out a map and stare. I stare until I have reminded myself that life is a giant adventure, so much to do, to see.” ― Angelina Jolie

16. “If I make a fool of myself, who cares? I’m not frightened by anyone’s perception of me.” ― Angelina Jolie

17. “When I met survivors of war and famine and rape, I learned what life is like for most people in this world and how fortunate I was, I realized how sheltered I have been. And I was determined never to be that way again.” ― Angelina Jolie

18. “You think, ‘What if I make a mistake today, I’ll regret it’. I don’t believe in regret, I feel everything leads us to where we are and we have to just jump forward, mean well, commit and just see what happens.” ― Angelina Jolie

19. “If I think more about death than some other people, it is probably because I love life more than they do.” ― Angelina Jolie

20. “I will do the best I can with this life, to be of use.” ― Angelina Jolie